Monday, August 24, 2015

Do it Like a Publicist: Yard Sale

A garage sale or yard sale, whatever you want to call it, essentially is the oldest way to get rid of all the crap you no longer use or want. That cheap Target fiberboard bookshelf you bought in college, that Juicy Couture terry cloth tote (remember when they were the coolest?) or that vase your ex-boyfriend gave you flowers in. Regardless, did you ever think you could put public relations practices to use and in return make some extra cash?

Well you can and that's exactly what I did! Here's how:

1- Create attractive marketing materials- everyone knows a sleek logo with the right colors, fonts and imagery goes a long way and pulls in your attention. Apply this to your sale. Instead of buying those pre-made red and white yard sale signs from the dollar store or pulling out a Sharpie and writing on printer paper, create your yard sale signs on the computer. Essentially brand your sale!

I got clever with this and called my garage sale, "Gems from 3 Gens" as my grandmother, mom and I all were all selling goods. It was quirky but caught people's attention!

2- Think like a consumer- where are places everyday people frequent in your area? Where are the locals hanging? This is where you want to put up your signs (as long as it's allowed). I placed my signs around town in local coffee shops, gas stations, marketplaces, even the post office. Places where people have to go and go regularly at that.

3- Get social- in today's world even your great aunt Susan is on social media, so make sure you use it! Post on your personal pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) about your yard sale and encourage friends to share your post. There are even Facebook yard sale groups for towns all over the country. Post your sale a few days before with the time and location. Then the day of your sale post on these groups pictures of items for sale. Be sure to include lucrative goods like furniture, kids stuff and electronics.

I had people visiting from almost an hour away just because they say something they liked in a picture I posted on one of these sites. Days later I still have inquiries about what is still left.

Moral of the story... do it like a publicist!