Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Business Babe: Virginia Lucas Hart

Think modern neons with classic calligraphy or adorable portraits digitalized.... that right there is Virginia Lucas Hart art. I'm mildly obsessed with her holiday cards. They're hot pink. Come on! But what I love most is her story. Read on to discover why everyone needs a big brother like Virginia's to help discover talents. 

It sounds like you had a special gift for design and illustrating even as a kid. What inspired you?

My oldest brother. He's eighteen years older and an extremely talented illustrator and letterer. My childhood room was covered in his notes and maps and drawings. Many are now framed and hanging in our tiny Manhattan apartment! He'd come home from college and say, "I'm going to teach you how to draw a horse." And I would draw it over and over and over again.

Tell us more about your company! How did you get started and does your hand ever get cramped doing so much beautiful calligraphy? 

I studied art as one of my majors in college and while I worked as an executive assistant in finance for seven years, I continued taking classes on the side and invested a lot of time and energy into advancing with different techniques - everything from illustration to letterpress printing to calligraphy. The first calligraphy class I took was Melissa Esplin’s I Still Love Calligraphy, an online course that I would highly recommend! Before I knew it, people were hiring me to do projects before I even considered myself worthy of that. Things continued to grow organically as I worked on various art projects on nights and weekends and then I made the scary leap in September to leave my day job and pursue my passions full-time. And yes! I can only address a couple dozen envelopes in one sitting before I have to get up and do something else. A good thing about my current workload, though, is that I'm doing a variety of projects to mix things up a bit and avoid "the calligraphy claw" :) In addition to calligraphy based work, I'm also illustrating, designing, and consulting.

You were just recently married. Did you make the invitations and thank you cards and such?

Yes! I designed the save-the-dates, the invitation suite, thank you cards, and hand-lettered the envelopes and escort cards. I also designed the favors (calligraphy stamps!), menus, ceremony programs, lettered our cocktail menu on a mirror, and designed our wedding website. Not gonna was a lot to tackle while also being the wedding planner (and bride!), but I really enjoyed having creative freedom and seeing it all come together.

What Holiday products will you have available and where can we find them? 

I have neon pink and gold foil Christmas cards featuring my calligraphy (I'm obsessed with them!), as well as gift tags, cocktail napkins, and wooden stamps which are almost sold out. You can find all of those in my etsy shop here! You can also purchase my holiday wrapping paper designs through Spoonflower. I will be featuring future work and products on my website. 

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