Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Photography by Colleen Goldhorn

Me and probably all of America have been on a fitness kick since the new year. I've been so proud of myself for actually getting up every day and going to the gym. Not going to lie there are to things that make this happen... cute gym clothes and ClassPass. Seriously, sometimes I buy new gym clothes just to force myself to workout. Like, "Patricia, you have to go to the gym today so everyone can see those cute printed spandex pants you just bought."

The second though, ClassPass has helped me discover new workouts, studios and friends! Basically with ClassPass you pay $79/month (they just discounted it!) and get access to a plethora of gyms and studios in your area. I'm talking you can take barre one day, yoga the next and spin on the weekends. I love that it includes my personal favorite workout, Lithe Method too. While I was ClassPass let you take more than 3 classes per month at your favorite studio, I do think it's worth your money if you easily get bored, want to try something new or just are trying to actually find what works for you!

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