Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Come On Barbie... Let's Go Party!

I love birthdays. I mean LOVE. It even says so in my Instagram bio. So when I celebrated my birthday on January 17th you bet I went all out. Each year I try to have a theme. Personally, I think it's easier to plan and decorate with one and it allows your friends to really get into it.

This year... Barbie. Yep. I was obsessed with these plastic little ladies when I was younger. I probably played with them well beyond an age that was socially acceptable. The theme was a no brainer but instead of doing the classic black and white stripe with accents of pink I opted for a more 90s throwback Barbie color scheme with pastel ombre and touches of gold. Fun, right?!

My cake and cookies were by The Createrie. I work with Aly often for my parties and even client events. She's so creative and always gets my vision. I'm more of a vanilla girl so it was vanilla on vanilla and sugar cookies with icing. The cupcakes though? They were by my sweet mom. 

True story: I still have my Barbie house from when I was little. I'm saving it for my future daughter. But since that's forever away, for my party I converted the house to my "Barbie Bar" where the signature drink of the night was "Patricia's Punch" uh duh. 

These ombre plates from Hattan Home totally inspired the color scheme I mentioned above. And if it's not on Facebook it didn't happen, right? So of course I made a Barbie box Photo Booth. We had TOO much fun with it.

I got a lot of questions on my dress, it's by Camilyn Beth and totally adorable. Earrings were my new favorite tassels from Piqued PR client Lisi Lerch. I stopped in Tribe Beauty for the first time ever before my party where they did my hair and makeup. They made me into a modern hostess with the mostest Barbie.

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