Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lashes Make Everything Better: LashBee Interview

Who wouldn't love to say, "yes I DID wake up like this!" Well now you can, with the fabulous eyelash extensions that the ladies of LashBee have to offer! After having the opportunity to chat with the owners of LashBee, Erin and Anjali, we are now always dreaming of the newest trend that is eyelash extensions.

When and why did you both decide to start LashBee?
We first came up with the concept in the summer of 2014. I had tried lash extensions while on a trip to Korea a few months prior and was absolutely obsessed but couldn't find a quality place to keep them up in Philadelphia. Erin and I both knew we wanted to work on starting a company and had brainstormed lots of ideas but kept coming back to the lashes. We knew it has potential to be huge in Philadelphia, as well as the whole U.S.

Where did the name LashBee come from? 
Actually it was suggested by a web domain provider! We had been testing to see if different lash names were available and LashBee popped up as a suggestion. We absolutely loved it - a fun, memorable name that allows for buzz-worthy puns (see what we did there!). Given our focus on lash safety, we also liked consumers association of bees to more wholesome and organic beauty products. It also has allowed us to come up with fun names for our different style options - for example the "Busy Bee" is our set that takes the least time and the "Queen Bee" is our fullest classic set.

Having a business partner can be tricky, how did you both meet and how do you balance your roles? 
We both met before our business school classes started, while on the elevator going to an event called the "Founder's Retreat" which is put on by Wharton for MBA candidates who express a strong interest in starting their own company. After that event, we worked together on Wharton's Entrepreneurship Club Board and recognized that we had complimentary skill sets. Since we balanced each other so well, we decided to brainstorm ideas together and LashBee came out as the winner!

What are a few goals for LashBee's future that you both envision? 
One of LashBee's core principles is to always keep innovating. We have dedicated ourselves to research and development. We currently have two engineers on our team - one chemical and one industrial - helping us to continue to create better products and tools. We'd love to continue making eyelash extensions better, safer and faster!

What lash styles are your personal favorites and why? 
The fuller, the better! We absolutely love when the extensions can completely replace both mascara and eyeliner, which usually happens with the sets that have more lashes. Anjali's favorite set is the Queen Bee (classic) and Erin goes for the Mega Volume! Both can just wake up and go!

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