Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lean In with Us

Yesterday I hopped on a train and headed up to the big city, NYC that is. While I often am up there for work this time was more of a personal excuse, Levo League was hosting a live Office Hour with Sheryl Sandberg and invited us Local Levo Leaders to join. And well, when Sheryl Sandberg calls, you bet you go!

I highly recommend everyone read Sheryl's book, Lean In. While I as well as some of you have never worked in corporate America, or even have no aspirations of doing so the book still is worth reading. It offers so many fascinating facts that I wasn't aware as well as many of Sheryl's very personal experiences throughout her career and personal life. The facts alone are enough to have you high off girl power the second you start reading. So even if you don't dream of becoming the CEO of Facebook it gives you a new perspective to do everything you can to support those gal pals of yours that do hold those dreams.

Let's just say that I picked up the Saturday afternoon and had until Wednesday to read it but finished it in less than 24 hours! Really, I was hooked (or just amped up on Easter candy).

Here are some of the fascinating facts both from Sheryl's book and from the live Office Hour.

PS. If you missed the actual event or the live video stream, you can watch it here

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