Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tip

One of the most important things to remember as a young professional is to use social media to your advantage. I seriously tell this to EVERYONE, well those who will listen at least. Social media gives you the ability to connect with quite literally everyone. Those you've never actually met in person, those you're dying to meet and those you hope to continue a connection.

When I first graduated from college I was a little (okay, totally) freaked about finding a job in the poor economy. Luckily though, I ended up landing a job less than a month after graduation through, believe it or not, Twitter.

Here's how to make it happen...

  1. Make sure all your social accounts reflect the new "professional" you. Delete all party pictures, refrain from cursing and try to always be positive or at least funny if you are secretly complaining about something. 
  2. Use the descriptions of all your accounts to explain that you're a recent grad from {wherever} looking for a {whatever} position.
  3. Follow/like ALL firms in your field in the desired location you hope to work in. Follow those who do what you want to do or whom you admire.
  4. Interact and take part in discussion with those you are following and liking. 

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