Monday, April 8, 2013

The Bag Lady

If you're like me you can't carry a small purse. I just don't feel safe leaving the house without hand sanitizer, an iPhone chargers, a bottle of water, snacks, an agenda book, a notepad, something to read and hand cream. I mean, you never know when an emergency or boredom is going to happen, one must ALWAYS be prepared. It literally pains me to bring a clutch out at night with only a phone and credit card. I'm like the Mary-Kate Olson bag lady of Unionville because often times I'll carry a handbag and a tote. Yes, both. At once.

So with spring sort of approaching (it's 70 one day then 40 the next) I've decided it's time to start the summer tote hunt. My requirements; colorful, fun (or funny, see Kate Spade tote) and of course large.

Have you spotted a larger than life summer tote yet?

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