Thursday, July 25, 2013

Business Babe

What girl doesn't love a handbag? After years of the "it" bag it's refreshing to discover a newcomer known for understated styles that don't have a million logos slapped all over them, instead a chic tassel. I interviewed Kelsea of K.Slademade about her bags and business. Here's the scoop...

When and why did you decide to create your brand?   
I knew that if I didn’t pursue my dream, I would spend the rest of my life helping someone else make theirs a reality.  I believe in being bold even if those around you don’t agree with what your doing.  We only get one life, make it count.

What is your background in and how did this help prepare you in regards to your business?  
The biggest influence in my life has been my parents.  I come from a very creative family.  My father is an artist and a musician.   My mother is the most brilliant woman I know.  The combination of the two has prepared me for all aspects of my business, the good, the bad and the awesome.

What do you believe sets your brand apart from competitors?  
K.slademade offer timeless, simplistic, classic handbags that are made in the USA.  That combination is what we thrive on and what makes our brand unique.

What do you consider your greatest success?  
Pursuing my dream of designing and owning my own business, while having a glass half full attitude in a glass half empty world.

What is your social media outlet of choice and why?  
I have a love hate relationship with Social Media.  Instagram is my go to and is the perfect way to stay in touch with my lovers and friends.  While I love Social Media I some how mange to waste I ton of time scrolling, double taping, filtering, following…you get the idea! ;)

Thanks Kelsea, loved learning more about you & your brand! Check out K. Slademade 


  1. love her bags and this interview- very inspirational!


    1. Thanks! Can't decide which of her bags to get, they're all so great!

  2. I loved this interview!! And of course the bags are so fab!!