Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Business Babes

I'm an only child and have always loved being one but after talking with Bridget and Megan of Torregrossa I may ask for a sister for Christmas. The sisters have worked together to creat a luxury handbag brand that is coveted by many (myself included) and toted around by some of the most stylish celebs. Here's what the duo has to say...

When and why did you decide to start Torregrossa?
Torregrossa was founded in January 2010.  From the early 1920’s, our great grandmother, Lucia Mariani, owned and operated three dress factories called Lucy Frocks in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, the name, Lucy Frocks, has been incorporated by us, and will one day be a sister company to our primary label. She was an innovative businesswoman, who was well ahead of her time, and her life story, serves as a great inspiration. Her story was told to us as young girls, by our parents who have always encouraged us to pursue this life-long dream.

 "It is our goal as designers, to maintain a fashion forward approach, without jeopardizing quality, style, and functionalism, just as our great grandmother did ninety years ago," says Megan.

What is your background in and how did this help prepare you in regards to your business?
Bridget’s background working in public relations, marketing and events and Megan’s background in design is a perfect combination for what our brand needs to grow to a successful company.

What do you believe sets your brand apart from competitors?
The Torregrossa collection bridges the gap between high-end designer labels and less expensive, mass produced labels, without neglecting quality and design.

What do you consider your greatest success?
We feel most successful when we see the average women wearing our bags and loving them!

When we received our coverage in publications such as WWD, Marie Claire, InStyle, Allure, People Style Watch, etc. 

What is your social media outlet of choice and why?
We used Facebook, Twitter (@TorregrossaLtd) and Instgram. We love them all!

We also love doing videos so we can speak with our customers/fan directly! 

What is your favorite part about working alongside your sister?
The best part about working together is that we both believe in each other and we are both extremely passionate about creating beautiful products that make women happy. The mutual love and respect we have for one another allows our partnership to flourish and continue to grow.  We also know everything about each other so we know how one another will deal with a crisis or a situation. We know which one of us would be better equipped to handle certain situations. We balance each other out!

As sisters we are always honest with each other and have only our brands best interest in mind when we make any decision together. 

Be sure to check out Torregrossa for your luxe bag fix.  I know I'm dying to get my hands on the Stella, in what else besides the color of the year, emerald!

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