Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Business Babe: Nuance

Isn't Instagram a beautiful thing? I stumble upon so many cool people and beautiful designs through the platform. Wendee Daelhousen of Nuance is one of those. Her druzy rings make a statement and totally caught my jewelry hoarding eye but when I found out she was based in Philly, game over. Read the interview below and check out her stunning gems!

How is NUANCE’s jewelry different than other jewelry companies?

In a world where not many ideas are truly original--it's the subtle distinctions that make all the difference.  Nuance is a company built around community, honesty, creativity, equality, and human value. If we can't really be proud of what our work brings, then it's not really worth that much.  Working environment is everything.

NUANCE prides itself on supporting American small business. How do you do this?

Supporting small businesses means supporting actual people.  It's become extremely easy to both make and purchase products without thinking about where or how they came into existence. The companies I work with, help produce our boutique brand just the way we want it---from our metal caster to the company that does our letterpress carding, to the tiniest rubber ear-clutches on our earrings!  There are not that many places still manufacturing responsibly, but I'm proud that Nuance can be among those striving to do so.

Where do you find inspiration while you’re designing new products and pieces?

I go 'antiquing' a lot. I find that pairing that classic vintage feel with a fresh trendy element makes me really happy.

Describe your own personal style.

I think it's what my jewelry leans towards---trendy with a vintage/eclectic twist.

How did NUANCE get its start? Any future plans for your company?

You know, I think we're all comprised of the people, places, things, and events that we've been part of throughout our lives---which somehow makes us all completely unique, even if only, in the tiniest of ways.  I guess those 'collections' that made NUANCE possible are: my mom and grandmother---avid antiquers and jewelry collectors---who provided me with jewelry that has lasted their lifetimes and beyond; my childhood years of, nerdily, collecting rocks [trust me, it wasn't cool then]; my interior design training;  private label and boutique designing for companies like Anthropologie, Terrain, Disney, John Wind/Maximal Art; and my love of people and the community where I live.  Life is fun and jewelry is fun---and I'm fortunate enough to have it as my livelihood!  I'd love to have other people join the team who want to have the same opportunity.

What is your personal favorite NUANCE piece?

The fringe earrings and the Gold-Druzy Rings 

Thanks Wendee!

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