Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Business Babe: Grease and Glamour

Jinna Yang might be the coolest person you could ever meet. She is inspirational, funny, artistic, adventurous, and stylish. Her blog, Grease and Glamour, contains travel anecdotes, words of encouragement, beautiful photographs, and a very impressive portfolio. Also, did we mention she was on House of DVF? Yes, plain and simple she is amazing. 

Tell us what inspired you to get started with your blog Grease and Glamour?

In college, I didn't know what I wanted to do or be. I just knew that I liked to do and try a lot of things. So I decided to take my passion for photography, web design, fashion and travel and turn it into my blog.

The idea behind Grease and Glamour was inspired by the juxtaposition of all of these things, and life in general - it's not black and white, there's always something behind the scenes that makes things tick - and glamour is never as good without a little grease. The beauty of success is that it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen. 
We know you love to you have a favorite place you've been? 

Iceland changed my life - it was the first time that I had been in complete awe of nature. This world is a magnificent place, and so many of us get caught up in the day to day that doesn't allow us to be grateful for the simple things. Iceland changed that for me - it changed my perspective. 

What are some packing necessities when traveling? 

An adaptor for electronics, my camera, laptop, phone, leggings, a scarf, SNEAKERS (or comfortable walking shoes), and wrinkle-free clothing!

You were on House of DVF: what is the number one thing you learned from the experience? 

There is a plan for you, and your job in the pursuit of success is to always be yourself. And know and trust that every move you make is one in the right direction - no matter what anyone tells you. Learn from your experiences, and have faith that everything that happens to you, is actually happening for you. 

Tell us more about Voice Your Dream and how can we get involved? 

Voice Your Dream is a project that we launched to encourage people to live the life of their dreams. The first step in achieving your dream is voicing it - speaking it into existence. VYD is a platform for you to do that. But we also want to connect people because everyone - no matter where you're from or how old you are - has the power to help someone else achieve their dreams. Whether it's by lending a couch, relaying a contact, or offering a few words of encouragement or advice - you can help someone's dream come true. 

I co-designed a necklace called "The Dreamer Necklace" - all of my proceeds go towards building this site + community. It's available for purchase here:

I'd like to encourage people to submit their own dreams and leave comments/advice on the existing dreams already posted on It takes no money to help someone start to live the life of their dreams.

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