Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Business Babe: Thimblepress

Tell us more about Thimblepress®, we want to know all of the details!? What gave you the idea for Push-Pop Conetti™?

When I was planning for the National Stationery Show in May of 2013, I started planning early on for what I wanted to do for my invitation that I would send out announcing my debut at the Stationery Show with my booth number. I have always loved a good party, party supplies, color, balloons, hats, the works. I even have a drawing i did back in college of a still life where we got to pick the subject, and what was mine a drawing of? Party decor and favors! I knew that I wanted my invitation to be more than just a flat invitation, I wanted someone to feel the excitement I had about debuting at the Stationery Show when they opened it. I ended up coming up with a party box idea. I thought, I send birthday boxes to my friends to celebrate their birthday, why don't I celebrate my debut at NSS and send a party box!? I knew I wanted a balloon, a hat and confetti. I love confetti, glitter, anything that sparkles. I began trying to figure out a unique way for the people that received this box to not only see the party, but participate and throw or launch the confetti in some way. I began thinking about containers that I could make. My original plan was to letterpress chipboard and try to fashion my own push-pop. I gave up on that Idea when I could not find the resources I needed to build it, but in my resource searching attempts I stumbled across a food-safe, push-pop container and fell in-love. I figured that I could adhere the chipboard, letterpress label onto the food-safe container and not lose my original idea of having a cardboard container like the ones my favorite dessert as a child, Flintstone Push-Pops, came in. I then hand-cut and chopped all the confetti for the push-pop and sent them on their way in the NSS invite boxes along with my (now product) You're So Lovely Heart Shaped Balloon, and (now product) Celebrate The Unexpected metallic-gold paper party hat. The rest has been a blurry and color-filled history. Today we have three other variations of the push-pop confetti™. We have an eco-friendly version that houses a dissolvable-in-water confetti mixed with lavender buds for scent for people who would rather pop the confetti outside and not have to clean up the colorful explosion of awesomeness. We have an All That Glitter's Push-Pop Confetti™ version that features an all metallic confetti, and then our most recent one are the Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti™.

What are some other must have products?

We just recently launched a collection with Glitter Guide that we are so very excited about! The Glitter Guide is an online brand that loves color, style, and sparkly things, so of course it was love at first sight when we decided to partner together. Their website offers fun, chic, and colorful lifestyle tidbits from fashion to entertaining; each injected with a healthy dose of glitter. Visit to read more about them. We launched 34 products ranging from greeting cards, gift tags, art prints, and a special new product called Flashes of Delight Flash Cards featuring 15 inspirational flash cards featuring my paintings or hand lettering with different printing processes.

What inspires Thimblepress®?/ what is the company culture like?

I am constantly inspired by the colors, seasons, and places around me. Right now, I am really inspired by color and lots of it. I have always had a love of bright colors, but ever since I have been making the confetti Push-pop's and staring at buckets of color, I have found myself painting with lots of beautiful colors all intertwining. I am also ready for this dreadful winter to be over, so painting with lots of color brings a little warmth into the studio! 

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