Wednesday, October 7, 2015

All About That App

Every one is always curious why such a small girl has such a large cellphone. I’m 5”1’ and use an iPhone 6+. My little fingers barely wrap around it but I swear by it as I spend 50% off my time out of the actual Piqued PR office in meetings, at events or on location at a client’s and am working from my iPhone.

With all this 1 on 1 time with my beloved iPhone I’ve complied quite the dependency on my apps. My favorites you ask? (work with me and just pretend you asked).

  • DocuSign- Let’s be honest, when are you actually at your computer and by a scanner/printer when you have to sign something? Like NEVER. This app lets you sign and send documents right from your phone.
  • Insyder- This app kind of found me. It’s more of a business app working the back-end of a business though. I highly recommend it if you’re managing a lot of people, running a rep program or trying to engage socially.
  • MyFitnessPal- By no means am I fitness guru or the most healthy eater but when I want to watch what I eat and tone up this is my bff. Input your height, weight, etc. and this app tells you how many calories you should consumer in a day. Scan barcards or enter your food manually you can also enter your exercising while it automatically tracks your steps.
  • PhotoWonder- This may be the cheesiest photo-editing app to date. I’m not kidding when I say it looks like it was designed for a 7 year old. However, it’s super easy to use and offers, filters, touch ups and so much more because Snapseed isn’t as user friendly. IMO.

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