Monday, October 12, 2015

Do It Like A Publicist: Maid of Honor

Confession: I have never been to a wedding. Well, that’s a lie. I was a flower girl when I was five and a junior bridesmaid when I was like 10. However, in my adult life I’ve never attended a wedding. Of course the first wedding I got to attend at the ripe of 25 also required me to be MOH. No pressure or anything!

Being the OCD, type A freak that I am, once asked to be my cousin April’s MOH I dove in with a plan.

  • Pre Party- bachelorette party get together- since I didn’t know the entire bachelorette party and didn’t want my first impression to be wearing themed tattoos and cowgirl boots over drinks, I decided to invite the other ‘maids over for dinner, movies and some girl talk. We painted our nails, browsed through wedding magazines and really got to know one another so we all felt like old friends when the actual wedding festivities began.
  • Create a wedding hashtag- that is… if your bride hasn’t already done so but to anyone in the PR business this is an obvi. A hashtag is not just a fun way to brand a wedding but also always pictures to easily be found and shared. We used the hashtag not just for the actual wedding but for dress shopping, the bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner.
  • Make it cute- as if you wouldn’t?! Since you’re in charge of your friend’s last fun night as a single lady make it one she’ll remember! What better way then accessorizing the affair? And I don’t mean with straws shaped like male private parts. Etsy and Swoozies were great for appropriate fun finds. I picked up mini emergency hangover survival totes, sashes, temporary tats, tiaras and even donut rings from Bracket. Seriously, look them up.
  • Schedule, people- Now for the day of? I can’t take credit for this honestly as April was on her A++++ game and typed us all an itinerary of the day’s events including wake up time, hair and makeup, photos… even a reminder to eat in all the chaos. Now it makes sense that we’re related.

So if it’s your besties from three, your sorority sister or actual family member, do it like a publicist when it comes to a wedding, ladies!

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