Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Listen Up: Podcast Picks

Here's the thing about me, I'm either all in or completely uninterested and can't be bothered. For example, when I decide to start a series I must watch it from the first episode I can't just pop in and I will watch it all the way through even if I find it boring or stupid. I tend to binge watch too, watching season after season all at once.

If I start a book, I will finish it. Usually within a few days at that. Well recently my obsession has carried over into the Podcast world. I just can't stop listening to them, soaking in all the knowledge I can as I hear other's share their stories, inspiration, struggles and triumphs or just learning simply how things work.

I thought today I'd share what I've been listening to in the background as I type press releases, schedule social media posts and go through my emails. Sorry to disappoint, cult series Serial does not my Podcast favorites list.

The Lively Show- I've been familiar with Jess' blog for quite some time but recently discovered her Podcasts. I love her interviews with other entrepreneurs and there's something so soothing and encouraging about her voice. My favorite to date? Lara Casey of Southern Weddings!

Oh Boy- This is the newest Podcast I've discovered as part of The Man Repeller blog. There's only a handful of episodes so it's easy to get caught up. These interviews sound more like a casual chat between friends which makes me feel like I'm right there during the interview having coffee with Jay Buim and guest. I loved learning more about LOLA which I recently discovered at the Wharton Women in Business Conference.

Better Worldians Radio- This Piqued PR client had to make the list! On days when you hate the world and or just are lacking inspiration Mary Sue, Ray and Greg come to the rescue. Their show interviews guest who are making a difference in the world in unique ways. I came across One Hope Wine through them and boy am I glad I did. Sparkly (literally their bottles have sparkles on them) wine that gives back, yes please!

Influential Gal- Simply put, Q&As with some fabulous lady entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs I've connected with in the past have been featured and even when you think you know someone, you can always learn more that's why I love these features.

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