Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Business Babe: Jessie Holeva

I was introduced to Jessie Holeva of Trend Hungry through our mutual stylish friend Courtney. Since then Jessie and I have become friends, supported each other through our various projects and collaborated often. Check out my guest post on her blog: here

Let me tell you, "Trend Hungry" is the perfect title for Jessie. She can rock a trend like no other! Always dressed up, I've seen her rock cat eye sunnies for coffee, vintage bling over pizza and made a summer maxi work for winter by pairing it with a chunky knit trimmed in fur for an event. I love her fearless take on style and ambition to make Trend Hungry a household name. 

“Fat Closet, Skinny Budget” is the slogan of your blog, “Trend Hungry”. Tell us about your blog and what it provides your readers?

Trend Hungry is all about enjoying the trends and looking and feeling fabulous on a budget. It’s meant to satisfy your style cravings without guilt. Spending more on a bag or boots shouldn’t give you more self worth. Additionally, you don’t have to spend a lot to be up to speed with style. Fashion and beauty should be fun and make you feel good, not something that adds stress and strain on your bank account.

Who doesn’t love a candy bar? You say your mother got you hooked on a candy bar a day – what’s your favorite sweet treat?

So many! I do love chocolate and still get candy bars often, but ice cream wins my heart. I LOVE Talenti gelato in Salted Caramel. Salted caramel anything wins my heart.

On a regular day, what is your must-have accessory?

Sunglasses. I wear them all year round and even if I’m running late I’ll still turn around to grab a pair before running out the door. They protect your eyes, prevent wrinkles, keep ya incognito, and look chic on those I-forgot-to-do-my-eye-makeup days.

What is your favorite part of being a blogger and an entrepreneur?

Having control. Being on your own is great because you have a choice and can take on projects and collaborate with brands and individuals that inspire you. It’s fulfilling and has made me become more independent and strong. I get a rush from what I do.

What are your plans for Trend Hungry in the next few years? 

Big question. I wish I knew, kidding, sort of.  I don’t have a big five-year plan. The reason I even started blogging was because I knew I wanted to do something with my passions and by blogging I’ve been able to create a job for myself that involves being creative in what I love. I get to style looks for real people and media outlets, create content and contribute to various outlets, collaborate and consult with brands to grow awareness, host events, and go on air as a style and beauty expert. I’m now working on a capsule collection with a local designer and also sell vintage jewelry. My goal would be to get better at delegating so I can add more people to the Trend Hungry team in a greater role so we can help more brands reach their goals, offer more styling services, and continue to inform.

Describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?

Eclectic, boho, girly, glam, a little trendy. Everywhere - old movies, magazines, catelogs, Pinterest, people watching.

Thanks Jessie! 

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