Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Business Babe: Hattan Home

Here's a not so secret, secret... Mrs Hattan Home (Lindsay) is one of my favorite humans ever. And I'm not just saying that because she's a Piqued PR client or because I'm mildly obsessed with her store and buy way too much from it. She's genuinely a kind hearted business babe. Who's down to earth, not catty with a killer eye for decor and accessories. Also, I kinda love the fact that she was an actress, turned foot model (yes, that's for real) then interior decorator/ organizer before finally creating Hattan Home. Before I spill all of her secrets, read below to find out more...

You lived in NYC for 10 years as an actress, how did you transition to owning your own online decor shop?

Moving to NYC was the easiest decision I ever made.  What they don't tell you is that leaving is impossibly difficult and utterly heartbreaking.  My now husband joined the Coast Guard in 2011 and got stationed in Delaware.  So I essentially had to choose either NYC and acting, or the love of my life.  True to form LOVE WON!  After major soul searching, i knew I wanted to open a home decor shop. Since we'll be moving around a lot, I decided to live my dream now and not wait for the perfect storefront or circumstances to come.  Hattan Home came to me like a bolt of lightening and is definitely a blessing from above.

The name "Hattan Home" really ties back to your time in NYC, what does it mean to you? Why do you feel it was important to incorporate this into your shop's name.

I simply adore the word Manhattan, if I had to leave I wanted a way to have it always be a part of me. ( If we ever start a family one of my kids will have the middle name Manhattan!)  Manhattan is all energy, and color, a smorgeousboard of inspiration, Hattan Home is too!

What are the attributes your merchandise must have in order to qualify as Hattan Home approved?

Well these days I will buy pretty much anything gold or acrylic because it's gorgeous and it sells.  Quality is very important, I read an article from Jonathan Adler where he said he only wanted to make heirloom quality pieces that relatives would fight over when you die.  I'm definitely moving in that direction.  I adore contrast, hot pink, gold foil, bold color, luxurious stationary, and often I source from vendors in Australia because I love to have items that other shops aren't offering.

What are a few of your favorite home decor items on the website right now?  

Hands down my favorite items are the Mrs. Darcy pillows and the Bonnie and Neil pillows.  These Aussie designers just nail it on color, pattern, uniqueness, and quality.  The turkish towels are fabulous in all seasons and can be used as tablecloths, bath towels, kitchen towels, and hand towels.  All the candles smell impossibly delicious, and the matches are some of the cutest that have ever existed!

What is one accent piece of home decor that you feel can liven up any room? 

A gold or silver metallic pouf like the ones we sell in the shop!  It adds energy, shine, and versatility.  Other favorites are sheepskin rugs and giant mirrors, preferably reflecting light from a window.  Candles, fresh flowers, and impeccable housekeeping are a must as well!

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