Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Business Babe: Pretty Please

Pretty Please Nail Polish is now near and dear to my heart, you see the sweet Mrs Hattan Home decided to surprise me and send custom "Piqued PR Pink" nail polish. What a treat! Ever since then I've been a fan of their nail polish business because nothing is better than a one of a kind gift. And just think, the possibilities are endless... Pretty Please custom nail polish would make great bridal party gifts, work gifts, even baby announcements! Read the interview with their founder below:

Where do you find your inspiration?

When I first started Pretty Please my inspiration came from the classics. I picked colors based on what I thought would appeal to the masses and colors that would stay relevant from season to season. Now that the basics are taken care of, I can have a lot more fun. I look to photography, fashion and fun manicures I spot around the city to pull inspiration, but at the end of the day I try not to focus too much on trends and just select pretty colors that I love.

Tell us how you became an entrepreneur...

After graduating from college with a degree in Fashion Design, I moved home to Maryland with plans to open a clothing boutique. I created my business plan, found real estate, and was moving forward when a bump in the road made me stop and reevaluate my plans. Taking that pause helped me to realize that I needed more experience, both personally and professionally, before I was ready to run a business. Years of experience later, I was getting ready to revisit those plans, this time in New York City, when I went looking for a unique gift for my mom.  I came up with the idea to name a nail polish in her favorite color and went to buy it for her online. When I couldn’t find personalized nail polish anywhere, I saw a hole in the market and decided to create the nail polish myself. It was a process, but I ended up with the right business, at the right time. 

What is your favorite color (nail polish) to wear this fall and why?

This season I have been gravitating towards Pretty Please Nail Polish in color #13 (Ink Blue). It feels sophisticated but it has an edge. It looks so pretty against both gold and silver jewelry. 

 Describe your own personal style.

 I tend go for tailored basics (white t-shirt, fitted  blazer, jeans) and then depending on where I’m going, I add in something unique to spice up my look, like patterned heels, a layered necklace, or sparkly earrings. I usually lean towards “less is more”. 

Future plans for Pretty Please?  

We have a few exciting changes underway. In the near future you can look out for International shipping to Australia and Canada. We have a limited edition shade, coming soon, that’s sure to have you sparkling through the holidays (hint, hint). We are also working on adding a “Bottle Boutique” to the website which will offer customers who aren’t in the mood to get creative, the option to purchase our top sellers with pre-existing names. I guess I will have that boutique after all!

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