Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Photography by Haley Cairo (and handbag borrowed from)

So fun fact: I actually have two degrees. Over achiever, I know. The first obviously being communications with a focus in PR and the second being fashion merchandising, both from Immaculata. Oh and a minor in French, but who's counting. I highly recommend if you're interested in this fashion/lifestyle realm of PR to dual major. While I cursed under my breath during all those sewing and flat pattern making classes I now look back and can see how valuable the skills are. Due to them I  know how my clients products are made, why they might cost more than their competitors and have a greater appreciation for fashion. 

During one of those sweatshop working apparel construction classes we had to make oxford shirts. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life...props to you designers out there. It may not be perfect, Sister Denise will be the first to tell you that. Other side note: I went to a Catholic university and was taught by nuns. Yes, even some fashion courses. Back to what I was saying though.... it's not the best shirt but it's my favorite. I love the fabric, buttons and fit but mostly the hours I put into it. 

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