Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Photography by Haley Cairo

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I wear this outfit WAY too much than should be allowed. I've worn it out with friends, to church and this Her Main Line event at Jcrew. It's pretty much me in a preppy nutshell.  

But what I love most about this look? And it's definitely not those pale legs (note to self: get a spray tan asap) is that I've accessorized with two of my fav young female entrepreneur ran businesses. 

First there's Jessie Holeva, you may recognize her from various TV style segments or her blog Trend Hungry. She's a girl who's got her hustle down and I'm always inspired by her daring looks that are wallet friendly. Her newest labor of love is Bling Babe, a collection of the most divine vintage jewelry. 

Then there's Samantha Cooper of Trend Tribe. Samantha is another lady involved with Levo who recently started Trend Tribe, a platform for college students to learn business, marketing, entrepreneurship skills and make a little extra cash. The jewelry is budget friendly and super fun. 

I'm so lucky to call both of them my friends and inspiration to keep on moving forward! 

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