Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Business Babe: Keep

I had never heard of Keep until Lindsay of Hattan Home had brought it to my attention that she was getting some traffic from people "Keeping" her products on the site. I checked it out and was hooked! Sorta of like Pinterest but without the dead ends and recipes.... things you can actually buy! A shopaholic like myself's dream come true. Learn more about Dria Murphy of Keep below: 

When was Keep started and where did the inspiration come from?

Keep started in October of 2013 and wanted to create a place to discover and buy the latest trends in fashion, home decor, accessories and design. Keep's community noes unites the best products from across all e-commerce into a beautiful showcase of trending, unique and fabulous finds!

What is the Keep OneCart and how many different companies can we currently find on Keep?

The Keep OneCart - the first and only multi-store, web-wide shopping cart - we make shopping dangerously easy! Buy items you discover on Keep - or from any store on the Internet - with Keep’s OneCart.  When you enter your personal information once, you never need it again, on any site, ever! Buy any products from any store, anywhere, all in one order.  Really! There are over 40,000 online stores and over 775,000 products currently on Keep!

Any new and exciting plans we should keep on eye out for?

Keep is ready for Holiday '14, with programs in place to insure that shoppers need no other app than Keep for all their holiday shopping.  Exclusive offers with 40+ retailers Cyber Monday Marathon programming + Implementation of Pay + more!

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