Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Central Park West Sweater, JCrew Sweatpants, Kate Spade Heels (similar), Gucci Handbag, Julie Vos Earrings (similar), Ted Rossi Bracelet, Vintage Necklace (similar)

Photography by Haley Cario

Confession: I haven't been a gym member in over a year. Yikes! While I was pretty dedicated to working out in college, the years after I've sort of been an uncommitted girlfriend. I'll join a gym for a month or two, get bored or busy and stop going then try a new one and the cycle repeats. 

So far my favorite workout is Lithe Method though.  We had a Her Main Line event there last week and I'm reminded of just how much I like it... I just wish it wasn't almost an hour away! Anyways, while this isn't a workout outfit, I'd say it's sport chic. Or my own take on the trend at least. Athletic and comfy with the striped pants but still prim and preppy with the pointed heels and layered blouse. 

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