Monday, October 27, 2014

Want It, Need It

Anthropologie Pillow, Rachel Zoe Skirt, Anthropologie Yoga Mat, Lulu & Georgia Bench, Strut This Jacket, Belquist Necklace, Emma McKinstry Bracelet, All Things Pretty Print, Laura Dro x Society Social Print, Kate Spade Heels

Here's my motto for art, pillows and shoes... you can never have enough. Seriously the more the merrier in my book. My thing with pillows and art prints is they're relatively cheap updates for the home, minimum funds and minimum work for the switch-a-roo. I say why not change your pillow covers and print each season or holiday. Keep the relationship with your home fresh, ya feel me?

Or maybe that's just the little devil sitting on my shoulder trying to justify my recent purchases for my already furnished and quite packed little home...

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